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Can I convert my existing site into WordPress?

Can I covert my existing website into a WordPress website? Yes you can. Big Blue Creative does this all the time. What are the benefits? (more…)

Why Use WordPress?

Why use WordPress? There’s lots of short words I can use to answer this question. Easy. Professional. Flexible. Trusted. Reliable. Popular. (more…)

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? It’s the world’s most popular blogging and website content management system, in existence today. Used by millions of individuals and some of the world’s largest corporations, it’s a robust website publishing platform and it’s our preferred way to get clients online at Big Blue Creative. (more…)

Are you Google mobile-friendly?

Did you know Google rolled out a global, mobile-friendly update on 21 April 2015? From that day forward, Google started to boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. This was not a secret. This was widely promoted. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then it needs to be and fast! (more…)