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Cairns Responsive Websites Intelligent Solutions

Cairns responsive website developer Big Blue Creative, provides clients with intelligent website solutions which are compliant with Google’s mobile-friendly update and deliver optimum performance, on all viewing apparatus. What does this mean? In short, when we make your website responsive, it will automatically resize to display to its very best viewing and user functionality, no matter where it’s being seen, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or i-pad.

Responsive Websites Why You Should Get One

Maximise Rankings

Responsive websites maximise their search performance with Google for all search areas and platforms. Get found by your customers today.

Serve Your Audience

You want people to easily see your key messages and contact details, no matter where they are viewing your site. Responsive sites make this happen.

Best Practice

Some people have ‘normal’ websites and ‘mobile’ websites. There’s no need to have both. Responsive websites deliver all the functionality you need.

Future Proof

Mobiles and tablet devices are changing size and shape all the time. Responsive sites automatically resize to suit, which future proofs against new technology.

Responsive Websites How Do They Work

We don’t want to enter the land of jargon, but this explanation will provide a quick foray into techno speak. To create a responsive site, we take three simple coding and development factors into consideration during the design and development process: fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. By effectively incorporating these elements into the build, we ensure the finished site is completely responsive, adapting to the media that renders them.

If you want to see a responsive site in action, check out the Big Blue Creative website. Look at us on your computer and then look us up on your mobile. [Even quicker solution, if you’re sitting at your desk right now, resize your viewing screen and see what happens to our site as your screen gets smaller.] You will notice the entire site changes its appearance, while retaining its brand integrity, and delivering easy to use navigation and contact details. That’s responsive. That’s what we’ll do for you.

Cost Implications Can You Afford Not To?

Do responsive sites cost more to build? Yes they do, there’s a whole lot more work involved in the coding and development. But really, with the ever changing world of technology and size / shape of viewing gadgets, not to mention Google boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly sites (decreasing the performance of those sites who do not respond) can you afford not to? Getting a responsive site is an investment in best practice and future proofing your website for new technologies.

Can I make my current website responsive? Possibly. It’s definitely easier to design and develop a site to be responsive from the beginning. That being said, older sites can be made responsive and would need to be quoted on, on an individual basis.