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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? It’s the world’s most popular blogging and website content management system, in existence today. Used by millions of individuals and some of the world’s largest corporations, it’s a robust website publishing platform and it’s our preferred way to get clients online at Big Blue Creative.

WordPress stared out as a simple blogging platform. Since then, much like the internet itself, it has evolved into a complex platform which can handle everything and integrate with anything.

It provides the user with total freedom to control content, navigation and page / post features. It maximizes user-interaction and allows for sharing on social media or addition (and editing) of comments and online interaction between web owner and web user.

It’s an open source website creation tool written in PHP. Globally, there’s hundreds of thousands of developers and individuals working on and for WordPress websites, which means many minds are constantly fine tuning how it works and performs across different platforms, technologies and search engines.

Isn’t WordPress free? Yes it is. WordPress is free, making it a cost effective content management system for businesses to use. In the past, if you wanted a content management system, you had to pay for some expensive, customized coding and development.

Today, this money can be invested in professional web design and customization of the content management system to provide the functionality and performance you want.

Big Blue Creative are the WordPress experts. We have been using WordPress for the last six (6) years and have created everything from simple one-page sites to complex tourism directories integrating with social media, booking availability and online payment systems.

For more information on WordPress and Big Blue Creative’s Frankston WordPress services, contact Richard at Big Blue Creative today on 0410 510 214 | info@bigbluecreative.com.au