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Cairns Website Hosting and Domain Names Yes We Do

Cairns website hosting and domain name registration and renewal services are provided by the website professionals at Big Blue Creative. This is all part and package of providing a one-stop-shop service for our website customers. We’ll register your domain name, in your name, and ensure it doesn’t lapse. Our hosting is reliable and affordable. Big Blue Creative are based on the Bayside. We’re a local, family owned business that cares. So when your website goes down, or your email has stopped working, we’ll fix it up for you fast. Get off hold and get back online with Big Blue Creative.

Big Blue Creative Cairns Website Hosting – The Benefits

It’s Reliable

We provide a 99.5% uptime guarantee on our website hosting. This means your site will be working, even when you’re sleeping. Business partners you can trust.

We’re Contactable

As business owners / operators, you can call or email us whenever you like and we will respond. Unlike the call centres, we care. Phone Richard 0410 510 214.

Professional Support

Our hosting services include 24 hour monitoring of servers. It’s PHP Enabled | 1 MySQL Databases | Cpanel. It’s professional and reliable.

Website and Email

Up to 10 mailboxes. Receive mail on your computer and/or your phone. Integrate accounts for maximum performance. We’re local and we care.

Cairns Website Hosting Reliable and Affordable

Big Blue Creative offers website and email hosting packages from $240 per year. Can you get it cheaper elsewhere? Yes you can. There’s loads of online operators and platforms that provide cheap hosting deals, but the question you need to ask yourself is ‘will they care when my website disappears, gets hacked or stops working?’ Nine times out of 10, the answer is no.
I hate the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’, but in this instance, you really do. Cheap hosting has its place, that’s for sure. But when making a business website hosting decision, investing in reliable hosting, provided by your local Cairns website hosting professionals, is the smart choice.

Cairns Domain Names Registration and Renewal

Cairns domain name registration and renewal services are provided by the friendly team at Big Blue Creative. What’s a domain name and why do I need one? A domain name is your website’s unique address on the internet. Our domain name is www.bigbluecreative.com.au You need one for your website to have an ‘address’.

Domain names are unique; no two businesses can share a domain name. Your domain name should reflect your business name and purpose. They can be registered for one (1) or two (2) years and must be renewed before expiry, to ensure no other company ‘steals’ your domain name. There’s a range of options ending in everything from .com to .com.au .org .net .gov.au and more.