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Cairns Copy Writing Website Copy Writing Services

Cairns copy writing experts Big Blue Creative, write the right content to ensure your website gets noticed by your customers and the search engines. There’s no point having a great looking website if no one can find it and truth be told, your website needs to have well written content to rank. Websites are an important part of your sales and marketing activities. Like a brochure or an advertisement, they need to tell your customers who you are, what you do and how they can contact you. It’s hard to write about your own business. We know. We’re here to help. Let us write about you, the right way.

Website Copy Writing Our Content Works

It’s Clear and Concise

Written to help customers’ navigate their way around your site, easily and quickly finding key products and services. Don’t hide the good stuff – shout it out!

Has No Typos

This is important. Sometimes websites are your first impression. You want customers to be impressed, remembering you for all the right reasons.

Reflects Your Business

Well written content reflects your businesses branding and identity. It communicates with your target market through tone and language. It makes a connection.

Helps You To Rank

An important one. Websites need words to rank. It’s a fact. Website copy written with rich key word density for preferred search terms will get you found.

We’ve Got The Right Stuff Website Copy Writing 101

The good news. Big Blue Creative has an in-house copy writer with the right stuff, to write your stuff. Julie Johnston has written over 100 websites that work. With a Bachelor of Journalism degree and more than 18 years’ experience in marketing, promotions and communications, Julie has written everything from websites to brochures, capability statements to business plans, award submissions, e-newsletters and more.

Passionate about her profession, Julie will meet with you to gain a firm understanding of your business and online requirements. She will then formulate a site map to deliver results and write content to get you traffic. It’s very much a collaborative approach. It has to be. No one knows your business better than you.

I Don’t Want Lots Of Words = Customers Won't Find You

Does this sounds like you? The bad news is, if your website does not have sufficient content, appropriately written with rich key word density to engage with the search engines, then your site is in trouble.

It’s a proven fact that websites with the right content, will rank with the search engines. Added bonus, they also provide the best online brochure ever, providing your customers with all they need to know to make a purchasing / booking decision.