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Cairns Blog Writing Professional, Creative Writing

Cairns blog writing professionals Big Blue Creative, are dedicated to writing blog content that adds value and information to your website. We write for all manner of businesses. Our blog content is written to target the search engines and your customers, bringing you increased rankings and traffic. Blog writing is a skill. It’s a bit different to other writing styles. It can be less formal and more conversational. It’s a personal dialogue, recording an account of an event, destination, journey or milestone. It’s communicating with your audience and importantly, building content and traffic to your site.

Cairns Blog Writing We Love It Because It

Provides Information

That’s what writing is all about. To record an account and communicate to others, conveying the author’s intended message and version of events.

Has No Limits

You can blog about anything. You should blog about things that are relevant to your business / organisation and audience. Make it interesting. Keep it real.

Is Creative

The ultimate freedom of expression. Blogs can be creative, written in an imaginative way and complemented with interesting pictures to deliver a total story.

Engages Readers

Blogs should connect you with your customers / audience. It should engage them and make them excited to share your content with others through social media.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words Not To Search Engines

Pictures are a great asset to your website and your blog, but you need words to complement them. Why? A picture simply cannot communicate all the key messages a customer needs to know. A picture cannot tell you who, what, when, where, why and how it was taken or is trying say. In short, pictures are the canvas around which you build your blog words.

Also, it’s important to note that a picture, no matter how good, does not mean anything to the search engines. These are electronic programs scanning the internet looking for words that match a search term. You need the words to capture the search engines, to bring people to your site. On the internet, pictures are not enough. We’re experienced at Cairns blog writing and will write for you.

We’ve Got The Right Stuff Blog Writing 101

Julie Johnston is a qualified and experienced writer with an extensive background in sports, arts and tourism. After completing a Bachelor of Journalism degree in 1997 she worked for the North Queensland Cowboys, Cairns Regional Gallery, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Tanks Arts Centre, before embarking on her own business venture.

Julie has written for magazines, brochures and most importantly blogs, contributing key content to business and leisure blogs, often complemented with her own pictures. We’ve got blog writing 101 down pat at Big Blue Creative, combining our knowledge of words and the internet to deliver powerful content that works.